All the Content Your Users Need to See

Information consumers want quick and easy access to only the information they need, in the format they want to view it, and on the media device of their choice. Traditional publishing solutions make it impossible to keep pace with consumer needs without an unbearable burden on resources.

Enter Titania Delivery. It makes the impossible … possible. With Titania Delivery, you can dynamically deliver all content your consumers need – to any digital media device. You empower your people to access, assemble, and view only the content they want to see.

Titania Delivery Features

Collection Assembly

The collection assembly component allows users to assemble topics into personalized collections and then save and publish. With the administration component, you can control which content is accessible to which users for their collection assembly.

Content Delivery Repository

Provide a content portal of approved topics and customized publications for customers to access 24/7

User Feedback

Improve planning, content quality, and customer satisfaction with built-in feedback and annotations

Portal Administration Interface

Manage your content delivery portal settings, users, content and automations with a user-friendly interface

Content & Publication Sync

Set up automatic synchronization of content and pre-built publications based on your business rules, leveraging the built in Titania Sync functionality

Titania In Action

Use Cases: Impact Across the Organization

Wherever your teams use information, Titania Software can help you work more effectively.
Field Service
Need: quick access to up-to-date service Information
Information Technology
Need: streamline information access across systems
Documentation Teams
Need: speed content creation, enable dynamic publishing
Product Management
Need: optimize product information visibility and value

Personalized Demonstration

We'll help your team envision how Titania can make your content easy to find, assemble, and publish – on demand.
Titania Delivery
See how quickly your content can be dynamically delivered to a customized web portal.