Capture and Validate Procedural Results As They Happen

Companies routinely disseminate procedural and policy information to employees, partners, and consumers as a one-way information exchange. To ensure information is viewed, steps are followed, tasks are executed, results are recorded, and feedback is collected often requires manually intensive work. Feedback and results are at best delayed, often incomplete, and sometimes missing entirely.

Titania Interactive can provide immediate improvement to content interaction at any level of content maturity. The more mature your content environment the more user friendly and automated the process becomes allowing you to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and value.

Titania Interactive Features

Interactive Controls

Embed user interface controls within the content to support desired interactivity including check boxes, lists, date picker, radio buttons, and text boxes

Rules-based Content Inputs

Configure business rules to guide input capture such as mandatory fields, allowable values and value ranges, and branching to specific content based on data values

Integrated Data Capture

Directly capture data from equipment in the field or from end-user input, and integrate it into the final approved document

Multimedia Support

Use video, animations, and illustrations – in addition to text – to improve comprehension

XML and DITA Support

Easily leverage existing XML content, with native support for DITA

Titania In Action

Use Cases: Interactive Content

Wherever your teams interact with content Titania Interactive can help you work more effectively.
Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)
Result: Improve overall operational efficiencies
Services Procedures
Result: Reduce duration of service calls
Custom Policies
Result: Serve up only valid policy options
Guided Checklists
Result: Ensure all steps are completed accurately

A Field Service Example

Using personalized, interactive content, field technicians can work more efficiently and capture real-time feedback.
Titania Interactive
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