Straight Through – to Fit Your Formats, Layouts, and Formulas

Technical documentation teams frequently receive data in Excel® from other departments or subject matter experts. To convert or integrate that data into technical documentation created in XML is often a very tedious task of editing and formatting – and when updates are needed, the challenges are further compounded.

Titania Merge makes it easy to directly import and update Excel data in your XML content as tables. This preserves your formatting, layout, and formula values.

Titania Merge Features

Seamless Conversion

Select named ranges from any Microsoft® Excel® workbook file and merge the data into XML markup. This preserves all formatting, layout, and merged cells, while providing resolved values for all formulas embedded in cells. Maintain your source data in Excel® and automate reuse and publishing.

Dynamic Recording of Metadata

Dynamically record and update metadata related to the Excel source including author/owner, last revision, source location of Excel file, and specific range of cells in any worksheet or workbook.

Standards Support

Leveraging industry-standard XSL technology, independent of the authoring tool, Titania Merge uses Excel® spreadsheets as the publication source and outputs standard DITA or OASIS/CALS tables.

Titania In Action

Use Cases: Impact Across the Organization

Wherever your teams use information, Titania Software can help you work more effectively.
Field Service
Need: quick access to up-to-date service Information
Information Technology
Need: streamline information access across systems
Documentation Teams
Need: speed content creation, enable dynamic publishing
Product Management
Need: optimize product information visibility and value

Personalized Demonstration

See how Titania Merge works in this example video – or request a personalized demonstration.
Titania Merge
See how quickly and easily your Excel content can be integrated into XML.