The Same Content Everywhere, Updated in Minutes

When teams across your enterprise rely on content stored in different systems, it’s critical to have the same content everywhere. This requires taking content saved in your content management system (CMS) and getting it out to customer-facing systems – mainly, websites, file shares, portals. But too often, this process takes so long that the information is outdated as soon as it’s posted.

With Titania Sync, you simply set the business rules. Then, as soon as your content is saved, the synchronization starts – and uploads are completed in minutes.

Titania Sync Features

Flexible Synchronization

Set synchronization to meet your unique needs. Have any combination of periodic, manual, full, or incremental synchronization of content. Each can be set to run at different frequencies.

Automatic Transformation and Publishing

Automatically ensure XML content is transformed, pre-configured publications are dynamically assembled and published, and pre- and post-processing tasks are completed as needed.

Built-in Repository Support

While synch can be configured to connect to any repository, integrations to several key repositories are built in for File Systems, Microsoft® Sharepoint®, PTC Windchill, and Titania Delivery.

Titania In Action

Use Cases: Impact Across the Organization

Wherever your teams use information, Titania Software can help you work more effectively.
Field Service
Need: quick access to up-to-date service Information
Information Technology
Need: streamline information access across systems
Documentation Teams
Need: speed content creation, enable dynamic publishing
Product Management
Need: optimize product information visibility and value

Product Demonstrations

Request more information or a detailed product demonstration to see Titania Sync in action.
Titania Sync
See how easily your systems can be set up to sync.