Interaction Adds Value at All Levels

Titania Interactive provides new and immediate value opportunities for your organization at every level of content interaction maturity from static page-based content to IoT-enabled content linked to connected products. And as your content matures Titania Interactive will continue to provide greater value.

Content Maturity Levels

Level 1: Static page-based content

  • Serve up content based on defined task list
  • Allow user to navigate to content as needed

Value: Easily locate the exact content needed, record all content interactions

Example: Pre-flight check list

Level 2: Structured content with user inputs

  • Guide user through content based on a defined workflow
  • Navigate content and workflow based on user inputs
  • Record all content interactions and inputs

Value: Get personalized content views based on user inputs, record of all inputs and interactions

Example: Lab test set-up instructions

Level 3: Structured content and connected equipment

  • Integrate equipment data directly into content
  • Allow equipment readings to control the content workflow
  • Guide user to input required settings
  • Record machine readings and user inputs

Value: Let the equipment’s real-time readings guide the user to only the required content and accurately report all equipment data and inputs

Example: Heavy equipment repair procedure

Level 4: IoT-enabled content and connected equipment

  • Enable bi-directional communication from content to equipment
  • Allow equipment readings to control workflow
  • Allow content to control equipment settings
  • Guide user to required inputs
  • Allow content to trigger communications with other systems - customer support, engineering, service center

Value: Allow the content to trigger equipment settings at the precise time, capture reading directly from equipment, guide users to content and inputs and record all actions.

Example: Installation and calibration of MRI machine

Titania In Action

Personalized Demonstration

See how adding interactivity helps guide readers, captures user inputs and product data to create a customized information experience, and gives you an accurate report on all the data and activity.
Titania Interactive
See the power Titania can bring to your organization by adding interactivity to your content sample.

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