Many Ways to Add Value with Interactive Content

Organizations in any industries and departments across the enterprise can build additional value into their processes and product offerings with interactive content. There are common uses but no limits to the ways in which interactive content can be integrated into your business to provide more automated, accurate and efficient ways to add value. Let us demonstrate better ways to enrich your content. Ask Now!

A Better Way

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)

Dynamically generate SOPs for a network of globally distributed teams. Each Procedure uniquely tailored to the geographic location, environmental characteristics, and language needed; and most importantly ensuring that all content necessary to meet regulatory requirements is included. By providing both site specific and standard procedural content your organization can dramatically reduce regulatory risk and liability while improving overall operational efficiency.

Service Information and Procedures

Provide service technicians with interactive documents that guide the technician to the relevant service instructions based on inputs captured directly from the machine or entered manually into the document by the technician.  The service information served up will be specific to the machine’s exact configuration and the technician’s skill level.  The interactive content can also support links to related information such as the location and availability of spare parts, instructional videos, and step-by-step guided instructions.  And all the content captured can be easily shared by technician, customer support centers, and engineering. As a result, you can significantly increase service profitability by enabling technicians to fix it right the first time and reduce the overall duration of service calls.

Guided Checklists

Generate an interactive checklist that can confirm all required steps are completed, all settings are accurate for the environment, and all measurements are captured and recorded at the time of use. With interactive checklist, users can ensure their products are set up in compliance with all warranty policies, regulatory requirements, and ready for optimal performance.

Custom Policies

Automatically generate client-specific Policies by automatically matching only valid policy options with the customer’s unique characteristics and regional demographics. With interactive content, agents can be certain that all policies are valid, and every possible policy option is explored with client providing greatest opportunity for client conversion and satisfaction.

Titania In Action

Personalized Demonstration

See how adding interactivity helps guide readers, captures user inputs and product data to create a customized information experience, and gives you an accurate report on all the data and activity.
Titania Interactive
See the power Titania can bring to your organization by adding interactivity to your content sample.

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